Australian Microwave Links

EMClarity has decades of experience helping customers in urban and rural environments, find solutions to their telecommunication networking requirements.

Specialising in Microwave Radio Networks and Australian Microwave Links, EMClarity works with clients both in Australia and overseas to find the best approach to establish a high-speed link between sites in the CBD, in the remote outback, between off-shore islands or any other location.

EMClarity specialist understanding in the field of microwave telecommunications ensure that the help clients develop the right answers to their problems.

EMClarity clients include Government, Telco and Enterprise customers with telecommunications.  In fact anyone who need 

  • strategic planning,
  • requirements analysis and capacity planning,
  • technology trends analysis and advice,
  • technical solutions design,
  • independent design certification,
  • independent equipment and system performance validation and verification,
  • contract and tendering management,
  • maintenance management planning,
  • project management,
  • construction management and commissioning services.


In The News

  • [ 1st August 2014 ]
    Spread Networks orders new Low Latency fibre speed radio from EMClarity
  • [ 1st April 2013 ]
    EMClarity leads prototype development project for worlds lowest latency E-Band radio
  • [ 1st January 2013 ]
    EMClarity and EM Solutions obtain Queensland Government BITI grant for Microwave products