BITI Grant for Microwave products

EMClarity CEO Dr Richard Harris announced today that the company had obtained a BITI (Business and Industry Transformation Incentives) Grant from the Queensland Government to support the development of a high-speed Microwave Radio product – the E620. BITI is a State Government Grant available to businesses who undertake projects that will promote transformation in various Queensland Industries.

The Grant will be used to help EMClarity prototype the hardware and to engage local Queensland software developers to work on the E620 modem. The E620 will leverage the existing EMClarity E200 microwave radio product already proven in the field in harsh conditions. The E620 will deliver significantly higher data throughput and will be another Queensland designed and built piece of telecommunications technology innovation.


About EMClarity

EMClarity’s business is about delivery of dependable, reliable and high-performing microwave link solutions for customers in challenging locations or otherwise technically demanding situations. For many years, EMClarity has designed, built, installed, commissioned, supported and repaired its own Australian-made high-quality, Telco-grade microwave radio products for remote area customers working in harsh environmental conditions. Contact: Dr Richard Harris, CEO 

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