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Brisbane microwave engineering company EMClarity – a subsidiary of EM Solutions – is partnering with CSIRO, Australia’s national science and technology agency and the inventor of WiFi, to engineer the production version of the E10G radio – the world’s lowest-latency (Layer 2) 5Gbit/second E-band (70 to 80 GHz) microwave radio. 

EMClarity CEO Richard Harris said, “CSIRO needed an Australian microwave engineering partner who had a track record of delivering robust, reliable products for field operation in harsh environments. EM Solutions and EMClarity have an unparalleled track record in this regard, and also contributed missing pieces of the E10G engineering puzzle.”

A new radio system was designed and built using CSIRO’s patented innovations in E-band radio-frequency technology and modem software, along with EM Solutions and EMClarity innovations in antenna pointing, tracking technology and radio electronics. Field trials in January 2014 proved that the prototype would deliver as promised, reliably carrying 5 Gbit/s over 15-km distance with ultra-low latency. Spread Networks have ordered a quantity of the production E10G-ULL radios to support a high-capacity, ultra-low latency data network in the USA.

To support the work required to successfully commercialise the E10G radio, EM Solutions have obtained a grant from Commercialisation Australia to help fund the engineering, marketing and other work required.

About EMClarity 

EMClarity’s business is about delivery of dependable, reliable and high-performing microwave link solutions for customers in challenging locations or otherwise technically demanding situations. For many years, EMClarity has designed, built, installed, commissioned, supported and repaired its own Australian-made high-quality, Telco-grade microwave radio products for remote area customers working in harsh environmental conditions. 

Contact: Dr Richard Harris, CEO 


About EM Solutions

EM Solutions is recognised by customers around the world for manufacturing technologically superior microwave modules and systems that deliver next - generation satellite and broadband communications. It offers differentiated microwave products that embed its unique IP, and are available on demand. Since 1998, the company has produced integrated RF modules and systems used in radios, radar, and remote sensing applications for defence and commercial customers around the world.

Contact: Dr Rowan Gilmore, CEO


About Commercialisation Australia

Commercialisation Australia helps entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses address key challenges in the commercialisation pathway of bringing novel products, processes and service to the market. In addition to funds, Commercialisation Australia offers eligible small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers access to Commercialisation Advisers with experience and connections to address the challenges associated with commercialising novel products, processes and services.

Contact: Stuart Hazell, Commercialisation Australia

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