Worlds lowest prototype latency E-Band radio

Brisbane microwave engineering company EMClarity today announced its role as Program Manager in a partnership between parent company EM Solutions and CSIRO, Australia’s national science and technology agency and the inventor of WiFi, to undertake prototype engineering of the E10G radio –the world’s lowest-latency (Layer 2) 5Gbit/second E-band (70 to 80 GHz) microwave radio.

The new 5 Gbit/s millimetre-wave radio system will deliver data rates up to five times higher than microwave systems commercially available today, and will complement optical fibre in providing data backhaul from enterprises and cellular sites around the world.

Dr Ian Oppermann, Director of CSIRO’s Digital Productivity and Services Flagship, said CSIRO’s partnership with EM Solutions and EMClarity is an exciting opportunity to work with a leading-edge microwave transmission equipment manufacturer and harness CSIRO innovations to deliver high-performance, cost-effective broadband services that will help boost global productivity.

After a world-wide search, an international telecommunications service provider has chosen EM Solutions and EMClarity to develop a prototype product based on CSIRO’s and EM Solutions’ technology. The new product’s combination of a high data rate, long transmission distance, and record low cost per bit will be especially valuable in Australia.

Dr Rowan Gilmore, CEO of EM Solutions, says the new product will address a real challenge for telecommunications service providers: rapidly providing gigabit-per-second data links when laying optical fiber is cost-prohibitive or simply not feasible because of distance or terrain, and to meet short-term needs.

“One example of where this wireless technology could be used in Australia is at new mining sites in remote areas, where there is need to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a high-data-rate communications link to the nearest fibre point-of-presence,” said Dr Gilmore.

“CSIRO is the world leader in high-data-rate, high-performance microwave and mm-wave transmission technology, and we are excited to be working together with them to bring this product to market for our customers,” Dr Gilmore said.

About EMClarity

EMClarity’s business is about delivery of dependable, reliable and high-performing microwave link solutions for customers in challenging locations or otherwise technically demanding situations. For many years, EMClarity has designed, built, installed, commissioned, supported and repaired its own Australian-made high-quality, Telco-grade microwave radio products for remote area customers working in harsh environmental conditions. 

Contact: Dr Richard Harris, CEO 

About EM Solutions

EM Solutions is recognised by customers around the world for manufacturing technologically superior microwave modules and systems that deliver next - generation satellite and broadband communications. It offers differentiated microwave products that embed its unique IP, and are available on demand. Since 1998, the company has produced integrated RF modules and systems used in radios, radar, and remote sensing applications for defence and commercial customers around the world.

Contact: Dr Rowan Gilmore,CEO


At CSIRO we shape the future. We do this by using science to solve real issues. Our research makes a difference to industry, people and the planet. We're Australia's leading multidisciplinary research organisation, with more than 5000 talented people working out of 55 centres in Australia and internationally. We play a vital role in enhancing collaboration within the Australian national innovation system, and as a trusted advisor to government, industry and the community.

Contact: Jonathan Lacey

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