What We Do

EMClarity designs and produces leading, high performance microwave and mmWave radio products that are sold around the world.  For many years, EMClarity has designed, built, installed, commissioned, supported and repaired its own Australian-made high-quality, Telco-grade microwave radio products.

EMClarity’s own ACMA accredited frequency planning engineer aids customers globally by conducting detailed path analyses to increase customer confidence in our product meeting their challenging requirements.  EMClarity’s Brisbane based laboratory is fully equipped for factory acceptance testing services for a range of Microwave RF products and projects.

EMClarity continues with an innovative engineering product development program.  Working in partnership with EM Solutions and CSIRO, EMClarity led the design, development and manufacture of the world’s fastest, high-throughput, long-haul, ultra-low latency E-Band radio for financial trading network applications.  We continue to develop and release new products in this family that lead the market in data throughput, range and availability for applications in telecommunications and defence markets.

Peter Baines

A message from the GM

Peter Baines

“EMClarity is on a mission to lead the market with innovative microwave products that set new standards for highest throughput, highest availability and lowest latency.  We develop in partnership with CSIRO (Australia’s national science and technology agency and the inventor of WiFi) and our sister company EM Solutions (a leader in satellite microwave solutions).